Amazon is encouraging customers to sign-up on Prime, its premium membership service, which is essentially the US-based e-commerce giant’s biggest loyalty program. And the hook is faster deliveries.

“It becomes a e-commerce platform of choice once you have purchased a membership,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and Chief Executive at Greyhound Research.

Source: Hindustan Times

2 comments on “‘Prime’ Isn’t Just For Faster Deliveries, It Has Got More In Store, Says Amazon

  1. Gautam Lakshmiratan

    Just bought one yesterday! Let’s see what are the other benefits one gets other than quicker delivery times.

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  2. Anshoo Nandwaani

    Hi Gautam, thanks for stopping by. Now that you are a Prime member, we would love to know about your experience with other Prime membership benefits such as the exclusive video content which Amazon intends to offer soon to its Prime members.


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