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What Indian CIOs make of outsourcing price wars?

If you were to come up an apt phrase to describe the outsourcing market, what would it be? Not too tough a guessing game! But just in case you haven’t been able to guess it right, don’t cudgel your brains. The answer is pretty straight forward.

“The contracts of the length of 8 -10 years are currently not that common. Strategic Outsourcing is dying a natural death and being replaced by Cloud and Managed Services – this impacts both deal size and term,” observes Sanchit Vir Gogia, Chief Analyst and Group CEO, Greyhound Research.  Twitter_logo_blue

And what’s more? Times don’t seem to be getting any less tough. “Strategic outsourcing deals are increasingly being replaced by cloud and/or managed services delivery methods to leverage the cost and delivery benefits arising out of these delivery models,” states Gogia, signaling the shift.  Twitter_logo_blue

To read the Full Article, click here: ET CIO

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